Friday, July 7, 2017

Pulp (1972)

Director: Mike Hodges

Writer: Mike Hodges

Composer: George Martin

Starring: Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney, Lionel Stander, Lizabeth Scott, Nadia Cassini, Dennis Price, Al Lettieri, Leopoldo Trieste, Amerigo Tot, Robert Sacchi, Giulio Donnini

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Tagline: Write it. Live it. But try not to be it.

Plot: A seedy writer of sleazy pulp novels is recruited by a quirky, reclusive ex-actor to help him write his biography at his house in Malta.

My rating:  6.5/10

Will I watch it again?

I love the cast.  Mickey Rooney is friggin' hilarious and Michael Caine is good as aways and then there's Lionel Stander and Al Lettieri.  I haven't seen Lizabeth Scott in anything in ages.  It turns out this was her last picture.  This flick is a lighthearted murder mystery set in Malta.  The location helps the film a lot.  Rooney is a big plus but while the movie is quite good for moments here and there, there's something that holds it back as a whole.  It's good but not great and I liked it but not enough to watch again.  I can't put my finger on it but it's missing something.  Perhaps the comedy should've been played up or there should've been a better attempt at tension and suspense.  That's a hard thing to do, effectively mixing humor and suspense.  Just one of those alone isn't easy.  It also doesn't help that the reason why someone is after Rooney is pretty weak but I guess it's barely enough of a reason for Caine to be put through the stress test.   Is it still worth watching?  Yes. 

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