Friday, July 21, 2017

Ghosts That Still Walk (1977) movie poster

Director: James T. Flocker

Writer: James T. Flocker

Composers: Ronald Stein, Hod David Schudson, The Edgar Kelly Band, Richard Thompson, Michael Tshudin

Starring: Ann Nelson, Matthew Boston, Jerry Jensen, Caroline Howe, Rita Crafts, Janice Renney, Lee James, Phil Catalli, David Kane

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Plot: A young boy is possessed by the spirit of an Indian medicine man and begins to terrorize the local population.

My rating: 4/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

Geez.  This movie is sloooooow.  It's essentially a horror anthology but the kicker is each of the three stories involves the three main characters, Grandma (Nelson in her film debut), her grandson Mark (Boston) and Dr. Sills (Crafts).  Once we breakaway to the first story after the set-up it's all about Grandma and Grampa from a few years earlier when they're driving their RV across the California desert.  Their RV has a mind of its own, swerves all over the lonely highway and eventually offroad when it just stops.  Minutes later small to large rocks and boulders roll across the landscape toward them like tumbleweeds.  Gramps gets the rig started and they're chased by big rocks!  It's a wonderful idea and Flocker is sometimes effective at showing us but the scenes go on too long which takes the wind out of any horror or suspense he's going for.  It really lasts much too long.  The next two stories involve the kid and the doctor, both of which suffer from even worse pacing than the tumblerocks.  How's the payoff?  I had zero shits left by the end.  It was OK and you could tell there were some kernels of good ideas but they're lost in the bad pacing and execution. 

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