Sunday, July 9, 2017

Elvis Stories (1989)

Director: Ben Stiller

Writer: Ben Stiller

Starring: Jeremy Piven, Jeff Kahn, John Cusack, Amy Stiller, Granville Thompson, Joel Murray, Paul Greco, Chris Barnes, Judy Scott, David Pasquesi, Ben Stiller, Andy Dick, Bill Cusack, Louise Tomaska, Ron Dean, Rick Saucedo, Jimmy Doyle, Jeff Michalski, Mike Myers, Robin Ruzan

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Tagline: Tall tales of hysterical sightings and possessions in tell-all video tabloid.

Plot: Starting with the music video "Elvis is Everywhere" by Mojo Nixon, the film then goes into a series of spoofs of tabloid Elvis stories: "Elvis is John Lennon", "Hairdresser Possessed by Elvis" and others.

My rating:  8/10

Will I watch it again?  Yes.

This anthology of stories does one thing that's absolutely essential: open strong and close strong.  These stories are only a few short minutes each and even the weakest one is funny.  I laughed quite a bit in this half hour film written and directed by Ben Stiller (you know, back when he was funny).  And then you've got the plethora of funny people that chipped in their talents to make this happen.  I didn't even recognize John Cusack.  There's an awful lot to like in this and with the short run time, it's a no-brainer.  I sure could use one of them there Elvis burgers while I play a round of golf in Lunken hoping to get a glimpse of the king dropping that hole in one.

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