Sunday, May 14, 2017

Verboten! (1959)

Director: Samuel Fuller

Writer: Samuel Fuller

Composer: Harry Sukman

Starring: James Best, Susan Cummings, Tom Pitman, Paul Dubov, Harold Daye, Dick Kallman, Stuart Randall, Steven Geray, Anna Hope, Robert Boon, Sasha Harden, Paul Busch, Neyle Morrow, Joe Turkel

More info: IMDb

Tagline: A MAD GENERATION... Spawned In Lust... Consumed By Hate!

Plot: A young American serviceman, stationed in Germany after the fall of the Third Reich, jeopardizes his position with the Marshall Plan relief effort by breaking the non-fraternization rule and falling in love with a young German woman. He uses his position to obtain food and luxuries for her that are in short supply, and all seems to be going well for the couple. What he doesn't realize is that the Werewolves, the Nazi guerrilla movement, have plans in which he features heavily.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again?  Probably not.

I'm on a Samuel Fuller kick as of late and I'm loving it.  James Best gives another powerful performance and is the standout in this picture.  If this wasn't filmed in some bombed out city in Europe then kudos to the set designers.  The opening scenes look fantastic, especially on what I presume to be a small budget.  I like the way Fuller's cameras move along with the action.  Were there many films that dealt with the U.S. occupation of Germany after the second World War?  I've seen very few, which is by no means an accurate measure, but it's probably not a subject audiences were clamouring for.  I suspect that once the war was over Americans were ready to get back to being normal, although they were dealing with a new normal.  They probably didn't care or weren't concerned with post-war Germany until the Rooskies started stirring shit up.  I'm really impressed with Fuller's pictures and I'm going to keep going to that well to discover more of his pictures.  I think I'm ready for one of his Westerns now.  Paul Anka sings the theme tune for this one.  The kids of today won't be tappin' their toes to it.

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