Tuesday, May 30, 2017

SS Operation Wolf Cub (1983)

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Writer: Joseph W. Sarno

Composer: ???

Starring: Harry Reems, Inger Hedlund, Gunnar Ernblad, Goran Lofgren, Elisabet Frohling, Hans Westerberg, Mats Hedlund, Lena Ohrn, Anna-Lena Rosen

More info: IMDb

Plot: Harry Reems plays an American mercenary hired to infiltrate a neo-Nazi group in Sweden.

My rating: 3.5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

This unusually non-soft or hardcore porno film from both writer/director Sarno and Harry Reems could've used some of the ole in-and-out. It's an obvious low budget affair from the start.  98% of the picture is in one location, a wooded area with a lake and the odd cabin or two.  The acting is no better than adequate with Reems being the best of them.  He's pretty likable and he looks like he should've had a better career as a B-movie action star outside of the porn industry if he had better vehicles than this one.  It's pretty bad.  There's some nudity which helps but the film suffers from being in the same place for too long and an all around amateurishness in the production.  There's a lot of talking and filler without much action and what action is there is weak.  Take a pass on this one unless you're a big fan of medium shots and cameras that don't move.  Or if you like your Harry Reems shirtless...with and without a gut.

Whoa there, buddy.  Suck that stomach in!

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