Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Naked Youth (1961)

AKA: Wild Youth

Director: John F. Schreyer

Writers: Robert J. Black Jr., Lester Wm. Berke, Dean Romano, Gary Judis

Composer: Richard LaSalle

Starring: Carol Ohmart, Robert Hutton, Steve Rowland, Jan Brooks, Robert Arthur, Clancy Cooper, Anton von Stralen, Charles Keane, Lloyd Nelson, Steve Sarras, John Goddard

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Tagline: What is their latest kick ?? You'll SEE...in Wild Youth

Plot: Three teenage criminals break out of juvenile prison and head south to Mexico.

My rating:

Will I watch it again?

Fun flick.  It's fast paced, snappy and well executed.  You usually don't find low budget B-movies like this as enjoyable.  The acting is pretty good, too.  And how about Richard LaSalle's punchy, jazzy score?  It's great and it's a major reason why I like this so much.  There's one theme that's an obvious sound alike to Bernard Herrmann's main theme from VERTIGO (1958) but I don't mind it.  It works well with the picture.  Another thing I dig is that most of this flick if filmed outdoors and in and around the desert.  I've already seen this twice so I might not give it another chance for a very long time.  You can watch it on YouTube (above).  The Arcanum DVD presents the picture in its original format.  It's not a great print as there are constant artifacts but it's not going to hurt anyone's enjoyment in watching it.  I'd say a dirty print on movies like this helps.  The only extras on the disc is a 50 minute string of vintage teenage movie trailers, which is horrendously billed as a full length feature called TEEN MANIA, and a 12 minute school film called TEENAGE CRUSADE.  

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