Sunday, October 4, 2015

Necropolis (1986)

Director: Bruce Hickey

Writer: Bruce Hickey

Composer: Don Great

Starring: LeeAnne Baker, Michael Conte, Jacquie Fitz, George Anthony-Rayza, Andrew Bausili, Vicki Bell, Norris Culf, Anthony Giola, Nadine Hartstein, Jett Julian

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Beneath the metropolis is .. Necropolis

Plot: Reincarnated "Satanic Witch" from New Amsterdam, circa 1600's comes back to revive her cult members by sucking the life force out of people.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

I thought I'd lead off with the best thing in the movie...six lactating demon boobs!  Growing up a teenager almost at the beginning of the 80s put me around 16 about when this came out, the ripest age I think for low budget horror from the period.  I'd never seen it until now and time can help some movies depending on how long the distance is.  Not this one.  Horror fans get some gore and boobs (not much) but you also get some cheesy dialogue and questionable acting.  The pacing is OK but even at 77 minutes it drags.  It doesn't help that (I think) all of the film is set at night and the print isn't that great.  Plus there are many scenes that go on WAY too long.  There's no doubt this was made in the mid-80s with the hair, music, shot-on-a-camcorder look and makeup.  Still, it's got some moments that will makeup for the slowness and dullness of the picture but not enough to make this a recommend.  For horror buffs only who are looking for a blast from the magical 80s past.  The Full Moon DVD (Grindhouse Collection) has some extras like an intro from Charles Band (while fun, it feels like it's the same intro you'll get in every FMGC release) (8 minutes), a 3 minute trailer for the FMGC and 6 trailers for other FM films (but not including this film).  All of the extras are geared toward selling FM's other films and there's nothing specific to this film. 

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