Monday, October 5, 2015

August Underground's Mordum (2003)

Directors: Jerami Cruise, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider, Fred Vogel, Cristie Whiles

Writers: Jerami Cruise, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider, Fred Vogel, Cristie Whiles

Starring: Jerami Cruise, Killjoy, Michael Todd Schneider, Fred Vogel, Cristie While

More info: IMDb

Plot:  Degenerates go on a torture/killing spree, take a break to party and get some piercings before torturing and killing again.

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

I kind of liked AUGUST UNDERGROUND (2001) but this sequel is definitely a huge step down.  The characters in the film that are making the film are annoying as hell (much like the first film).  Yeah, they're revolting humans but they're also way too childish to like.  But you don't watch these pictures for the characters, you watch them because you want to see some fucked up shit.  I'd like to tell you that you see some fucked up shit but the camera shakes like Katherine Hepburn in a blender.  It's more off-putting than the people that take turns holding it.  Like the first film, there's a musical interlude of sorts where our filmmakers go to a party with loud, harsh music. The Toe tag DVD  has the film presented in anamorphic widescreen which is odd considering the purposefully shitty VHS quality of the movie.  The extras you get are 20 minutes of footage (in night vision) of the U.S. premiere where there are maybe 60 people in attendance.  There is a brief Q&A at the end of it but it's abruptly cut short mid-sentence.  The trailers are two crudely animated half-minute pieces that do nothing to promote the film.  It's the same stuff that serves as the background to the menu and there are 7 deleted scenes (17 minutes total).  The first one at least sets up the motivation for why these people are torturing their victims which seems like it should have been included in the film.  I was wondering what the motivations were instead of being an act of randomness.  I really wish the DVD had a behind the scenes featurette but the closest you get is a 14 minute slideshow of behind the scenes pictures which is the best thing about the whole disc.  At least you get some of that making of stuff and the images are still for a change.  HA!  Have you ever wanted to see a woman's stomach gutted and then a guy sticks his dick in her wounds and fucks her?  You're wait is over.

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