Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moonshine Love (1969)

AKA: Sod Sisters

Director: Lester Williams

Writer: Stan Potosky

Composer: ???

Starring: Genie Palmer, Breege McCoy, Hank Harrigan, Tim E. Lane, James Schacht, Glenn Stensel, Joseph Mikel, Lou Tu, Pat McLamry

More info: IMDB

Plot: Tom (Lane) double crosses Chico and and Moose (Stensel) after a robbery and runs off with the loot.  Walking along a wooded dirt road Tom is struck by a moonshiner, Zeb (Harrigan) and his two daughters, Jeannie (Palmer) and Lil (McCoy) in his pickup truck.  The flee the scene not wanting to get involved, tossing the unconscious Tom into the bushes.  Tom wakes up and makes it to Zeb's place, falls for one of his daughters and lives the country life while suffering from amnesia.  Eventually his whereabouts are discovered by his slighted pals and they come to collect their dough.

My rating:6/10

Will I watch it again? I doubt it.


This is about what I expected, hot country broads gettin' nekkid at every turn along with some banjo music, bad acting and great black & white country photography.  The print says 1970, IMDb says '69 (with a release date of March 7 of that year) but it looks a few years older.  It's not all that horrible but the acting is pretty awful and there are long stretches of not much going on...or at least in some cases, long stretches of gratuitous nudity, enough to round this out to 61 minutes.  Without it it's probably in the neighborhood of thirty five to forty minutes long.  There's a lot of it!

Where do I find me one of these broads?  
I don't remember it being like this on my grandparents' farm.

Things to do with a freshly picked carrot.

I'm seriously going to buy me a little place in the woods and get busy on finding me some farm hands like this.

Hey, boy, watch that knife!

There's enough plot to keep things going (and skin) long enough to make it to the end credits but it does slow down a bit here and there. I thought it was Zeb and his two daughters but he bangs one of them near the end (of the picture not her end...well, I guess technically it is NEAR her end but now we're getting into semantics). That was strange. The woodsy location of the cabin is great.  I really want me one of these bridges.

I spent a good chunk of my childhood near places like this and I miss it like crazy.  Let's face it, you don't watch movies like this for much of anything more than great B&W 1960s nudity and this film delivers in spades.  These two gals are gorgeous and I just think it's A-OK that they were willing to bare all for the sake of entertainment.  There is only one person (listed in the credits on IMDb) that did another film besides this one and that's Glenn Stensel and he's got 25 film & TV credits as an actor.  I would have loved to be on the set for this one just to be around these folks that felt compelled to make this film a reality.  This is one of three hicksploitation films on a DVD by Something Weird Video.  The other two films, JENNIE: WIFE/CHILD (1968) and COMMON LAW WIFE (1963) are better films but they offer a scant bit of nudity.  After watching those and hoping for more of the B&W 1960s skin, I was pleased that at least this film relished in it.  Good thing, too, as that's about most of what it has going for it.  With this film on the disc, I recommend getting it if you're a fan of these cheesy hicksploitation pictures.

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