Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Assassin of Youth (1937)

Director: Elmer Clifton

Writers: Charles A. Brown, Elmer Clifton, Leo J. McCarth

Composer: ???

Starring: Luana Walters, Arthur Gardner, Dorothy Short, Earl Dwire, Fern Emmett, Henry Roquemore, Fay McKenzie, Michael Owen, Dorothy Vaughan, Hudson Faucett, Gay Sheridan, Edwin Johnson, Edward Hearn, Jack Ingram, Eva McKenzie

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Puff--Party--Tragedy!

Plot:  A high-school girl gets involved with a ring of teenage marijuana smokers and starts down the road to ruin. A reporter poses as a soda jerk to infiltrate the gang of teen dope fiends.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again?  Nah.

Here's one of a few movies in the 30s to warn the public on the evils of marijuana.  It starts with giggles and gettin' nekkid and ends with...

YIKES!  Don't bring that shit to my house!

 Doobies make you do that?

 Time makes this more amusing and entertaining than the message it sends.  It's not much over an hour (72 minutes) but it has some slow spots.  Don't let that deter you.  The reefer parties are silly and you've more subplots than what you'd usually get with something like this - Joan stands to inherit some money from a dead aunt or something and Art is a newspaper man who gets a job as a soda jerk so he get the big scoop (story, not ice cream).  The funniest part is this broad, the Paul Revere of old ladies who ride their scooters through town yelling out the news.  Hilarious.

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