Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorcerer (1977)

Director: William Friedkin

Starring: Roy Scheider, Bruno Cremer, Francisco Rabal, Amidou, Ramon Bieri, Peter Capell, Karl John, Friedrich von Ledebur, Chico Martinez, Joe Spinell

More info: IMDb

Plot: A group of outcasts from different backgrounds/nationalities are forced by misfortune to work in a remote oil drilling operation in South America. When fire breaks out of control, four of the outcasts are given the opportunity to earn enough money to get out by transporting six crates of unstable dynamite through miles of jungle in two ancient trucks. Will they succeed and regain their honor and citizenship, or get blown up for their efforts?

My rating: 8.5/10

Will I watch it again? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!

Many years ago I watched THE WAGES OF FEAR (1953) and friggin' loved it.  A few years after I checked out SORCERER, the American remake of WAGES, thinking it was going to be a lesser film.  What Friedkin did was astonishing.  He made it his own.  When it was all said and done I was cool with his choices in changing things up.  The original focused on boredom and the principles' desire to leave.  Friedkin makes the men desperate to stay hidden from the outside world, hidden in a dirty, dank and filthy South American jungle town.  In each film, it works beautifully.  I really like seeing the different means to the same end.  Friedkin does put a little twist on the GREAT ending the original had which I think is even better.  I love the Roy Scheider of the 70s.  He had a great look and he was perfect for this role, although he wasn't Friedkin's first choice.  The Tangerine Dream score works well, too.  And that bridge crossing scene?  WOW!  Just a few days ago it was announced that the legal battles on getting this thing properly released are over and they are restoring the film for a limited theatrical release and then Blu-ray (by the end of the year I think).  CAN...NOT...WAIT!!!

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