Friday, April 19, 2013

Cover Girls (1977)

Director: Jerry London

Starring: Cornelia Sharpe, Jayne Kennedy, Don Galloway, Michael Baseleon, DeVeren Bookwaiter, Jerry Douglas, Sean Garrison, Don Johnson, George Lazenby, Bill Overton, Ellen Travolta, Vince Edwards

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Plot:  Cornelia Sharpe and Jayne Kennedy play Linda and Monique who are beautiful fashion models and also undercover agents and are tasked to capture a dangerous man bent on kidnapping famous fashion designers.

My rating:4/10

Will I watch it again? Geez, no.

Please don't hate me for watching this crap.  I was drawn to it by George Lazenby.  How how far he fell after ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (1969).  Anyway, it's completely obvious after the first two minutes this is a blatant CHARLIE'S ANGELS rip-off and it's just as bad as that show if maybe a little worse. 

Besides the always awesome George Lazenby (who's not in this much and even he couldn't have saved it if he were)...

there's always an early performance of Don Johnson!

He's the one with the guitar in behind the microphone.  He's rockin' that 'stache!

If you like CHARLIE'S ANGELS then you'll probably dig this.  Wait, no you won't.  It's just as bad and cheesy as that show was.  The only difference is you probably won't glean any midnight fantasy material from the gals in this picture...

or maybe you will.

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  1. i thought it was rather slow but who know, maybe it would find its rhythm if it had gone on to series... the girls are gorgeous and the scenes with them posing and primping before the camera are totally worth seeing!!! somebody should re-imagine this for today's generation, hehe!