Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Unearthly Stranger (1964)

Director: John Krish

Starring: John Neville, Philip Stone, Gabriella Licudi, Patrick Newell, Jean Marsh, Warren Mitchell

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Tagline: The terrifying story of Project TP.9!

Plot: A secret project is working on space exploration right in the heart of London. The approach to exploration is a novel one. Rather than sending the whole human into space, they are working on a sort of technological out-of-body experience. One can project ones mind to another planet and there have it take on physical form ... invasion by mental projection and out-of-body experiences. The rub is that scientists on the project are being killed in some mysterious way involving super-high energy. And the wives of some of the scientists seem to have no background that project security can trace.

My rating: 7.5/10

Will I watch it again? Yup.


Neat-O! Here's a nifty cerebral sci-fi picture right out of Britain that's right up my ally! The budget is as small as the cast (that's all of them up there) but it's creative and engaging without having monsters or creature effects. It plays like a really good episode TWILIGHT ZONE or THE OUTER LIMITS which isn't much of a stretch given it's only 74 minutes long.

I knew this guy from somewhere but I couldn't place it to save my life until I looked it up...

Of course! He was the bartender in Stanley Kubrick's, THE SHINING (1980) (among a bunch of other things I've seen). The acting has to be good in order for a small story like this to work, and it is. The trouble is, it's not available on DVD unless you want to overpay for a bootleg on ebay which is a waste. Set your DVR's for it. It'll turn up on the telly someday.

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  1. I adore the interactions between Tucker and Clara through out the book too. I loved the growth that her character has. She has definitely changed by the end of the book.