Monday, June 13, 2011

Mr. Majestyk (1974)

Director: Richard Fleischer

Starring: Charles Bronson, Al Lettieri, Linda Cristal, Lee Purcell

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Tagline: He didn't want to be hero... until the day they pushed him too far.

Plot: Vietnam veteran Vince Majestyk just wants to grow his watermelons and live in peace on his farm. But the local mob boss has different ideas. When his workers are threatened Mr. Majestyk decides to lend them a hand but then the wrath of the mob is turned onto Mr. Majestyk himself. The poor mobsters don't stand a chance.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Abso-freakin'-lutely!

Bronson = Badass!

This came out the same year as the movie that made him a top box office draw, DEATH WISH. I suppose this one is widely know and I'm sure any fan of Charles Bronson will have seen it. If not, what the hell are you waiting for? This is one helluva fun flick. It's a tried and true plot so you're not going to find anything new but you don't need it - it's Charles Bronson! So what you get is another great performance by the man, some great dialogue and some great revenge.

Bobby Kopas: It ain't sunk into that thick brain of yours yet. See, everything goes a lot easier and a lot less trouble when you're doing business with me. You understand what I'm talking about?

Vince Majestyk: You make sounds like you're a mean little ass-kicker... only I ain't convinced. You keep talking and I'm gonna take your head off.

Badass! Look, you've got a great score by Charles Bernstein, a nice little love interest courtesy of Linda Cristal, a GREAT bad guy in Al Lettieri and it's one fun flick from start to finish. What more could you ask for...MR. MAJESTYK IN 3D! I don't think audiences these days could handle getting their asses handed to them by Bronson in 3D. So what's the lesson to be learned here? Don't fuck with watermelon farmers, Man; they'll take your fucking head off!

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