Friday, June 10, 2011

Pirates of Tortuga (1961)

Director: Robert D. Webb

Starring: Ken Scott, Leticia Roman, Dave King, John Richardson, Rafer Johnson, Robert Stepehens

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Tagline: One ship and half a hundred men to stem a pirate tide!

Plot: After a lengthy voyage, Capt. Bart (Scott) docks his ship in a London harbor and is given a new mission by British Admiralty: capture the notorious Henry Morgan (Stephens), a pirate who has been wreaking havoc throughout the Caribbean. After recruiting some former shipmates for his crew, Capt. Bart sets sail in search of the infamous buccaneer, and is joined by a beautiful female stowaway in the process.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? Probably not. Once was fine.

You know how I feel about period pieces that have a predominately British (or other nationality cast) except for the lead who's an American, right? Add this picture to that long list titled, "WHY DID THEY CAST THIS GUY?". I'm not impressed. Oh, and then there's Meg, the love interest played by Leticia Roman. Don't get me started. Look...


There's something going on with the forehead or the eyes, her accent or something. But then maybe it's because she's annoying. That's it. Between her and Scott it makes me feel sad that the two leads of the film are lacking charisma (and maybe talent) and, in her case, bug the bejesus out me. What makes it worse is the plethora of actors/characters that are FAR more interesting and lively. For instance...

David King as Pee Wee. He's hilarious and doesn't get enough screen time.

And the most engaging character, second most important to the story and the most delightful performance goes to Robert Stephens as the villain, Captain Henri Morgan.

This guy's a riot and he oozes with charisma. He needs to star in his own picture. Unfortunately, he's barely in this thing but when he is, OH, BOY!

I should probably mention, too, that it's the 47 minute mark before we get to see the titular pirates and, boy, do they know how to have fun! Bitch slappin' & bear wrastlin'!

There's a decent amount of swashbuckling action but besides the aforementioned fun performances, the coolest thing was seeing a beautiful widescreen pirate movie up there on my big-ass TV. It looks absolutely gorgeous and it really ads to the fun. This is another movie I'd gladly pay to see in the theater; but at home, that's another story.

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