Monday, February 12, 2018

The Black Bunch (1973)

Director: Henning Schellerup

Writer: Chester Carlfi

Composer: Jack Millman

Starring: Gladys Bunker, Betty Barton, Yvonne, Anita Cunningham, William Victory, Leo Canavan, Norman Fields, John F. Goff, Kurt Horst, Carmen Wiley, Kenneth Crisp, William Guhl, Rina Russell, Marland Proctor, Michael Pataki

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Tagline: Fighting with the only weapon they had! Their bodies!

Plot: In Africa, four native women join and are hired to find a wealthy man's son who has disappeared, and use the opportunity to get revenge on a gang of mercenaries who have massacred the inhabitants of the womens' village.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

So how much fun can you have with a movie where four of the five women are topless from start to finish?  It turns out more than you think.  An African village is all but wiped out by bad guys and the surviving women vow revenge but they need weapons.  They go into town and whore themselves out.  Later, back in the jungle, they come across a small group of men who are searching for a rich man's son whose plane crashed somewhere.  The join forces and everybody's fucking.  Most of the movie from here to the end is the four women fucking the guys one by one and back again.  Really.  That's mostly the movie.  It is great seeing the chicks topless the whole time.  That doesn't get old.  You know what else doesn't get old?  Jack Millman's main theme.  It's outstanding.  Seriously.  I loved it.  As it is and then re-orchestrated for a rousing approach, it could easily find a home with the best Spaghetti Westerns ever made.  I loved it.  There's not much to this movie as far as a story goes but it is entertaining for people who dig trashy, low budget movies.  It's not until the last few minutes that shit starts to happen action-wise and it ends with a tease for a sequel which was highly unusual back then.  It's a different kind of exploitation action flick and it's worth checking out.

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