Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bad Georgia Road (1977)

Director: John C. Broderick

Writers: John C. Broderick, Jeffrey Bernini

Composer: Don Peake

Starring: Gary Lockwood, Carol Lynley, Royal Dano, Tom Kibbe, John Wheeler, Cliff Emmich, Glynn Rubin, Dick Haynes, John Kerry, Conrad E. Palmisano, Mary Woronov, George 'Buck' Flower

More info: IMDb

Taglnie: They're makin' time to the county line.

Plot: A NYC magazine fashion editor leaves everything when she inherits a $100k estate in Alabama.  Little does she know that it's not the sprawling romantic Southern plantation she thinks.  Instead it's a small rundown house and a small-time moonshine runnin' business.  Defeated, she sees the money potential in the liquor and tries to make it better.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

I don't know why I keep watching these dumbass 70s hicksploitation pictures.  I know they're not going to be good but I keep hoping to find that gem among the trash.  This one stars Gary Lockwood, Frank from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968).  You'd think that'd be a positive but he plays the main redneck, Leroy, who runs the liquor.  He's covered in dirt and grease and he's always out for himself.  I barely recognized him.  That's good acting, I guess.  Royal Dano is fun as always.  There's not much action, almost nudity (but not quite) and lots of stereotypes and dumb yokels (which include the police, of course).  The only thing that makes this stand out from the rest is around the 3/4 mark there's a rape.  It gets real awfully fast, going from a dumb redneck comedy to HOLY FUCK!  After that it's right back into familiar territory and it ends without bringing the story to a close.  The ending works but it leaves you wanting more...well, not really wanting more to this movie but wanting closure I reckon.  The last twenty minutes is unlike any hicksploitation flick I've seen and that's worth a little something.  And what the fuck is the title all about?  It takes place entirely in Alabama (although I'm sure it was filmed in CA).

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