Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Family of Cops (1995)

Director: Ted Kotcheff

Writer: Joel Blasberg

Composer: Peter Manning Robinson

Starring: Charles Bronson, Angela Featherstone, Sebastian Spence, Kate Trotter, Caroline Barclay, Simon MacCorkindale, John Vernon, Barbara Williams, Lesley-Anne Down, Daniel Baldwin, Kim Weeks

More info: IMDb

Tagline: He crossed the line between law and family.

Plot:  A police detective's oversexed daughter is charged with murder when someone kills the wealthy married man she slept with.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again?  No.

LEVEL OF BADASSICITY (10 being the highest): 6

This is pretty weak by Bronson's or anyone else's standards.  This was the first in a series of TV movies (this and its two sequels) that ended up being Bronson's last three pictures.  I'm almost afraid of seeing the other two.   This one's OK but it's the TV movie aspect that hurts it.  Everything is less than it should be, the budget, acting and so on even though it has a good plot.  The music is syrup-y as shit.  There's a problem with the sound in general.  You can hear the mouth smacks/clicks when the actors speak.  It's annoying as hell.  And the 'synthesizer as orchestra' score is too loud.  All of this makes it even more painful to watch.  So how was Bronson?  Good.  It was nice seeing John Vernon and Bronson in the same scene.  They're the strongest parts of the film but you can't help but want to see Bronson do a lot more of the dirty work himself, cleaning up the streets one scumbag at a time.  The Trimark DVD presents the film as shown (in fullscreen).  The only extras you get are fullscreen trailers for this picture and two for THE LAST DON and its sequel. 

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