Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Desk Set (1957)

Director: Walter Lang

Writers: Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron, William Marchant

Composer: Cyril J. Mockridge

Starring: Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Gig Young, Joan Blondell, Dina Merrill, sue Randall, Neva Patterson, Harry Ellerbe, Nicholas Joy, Diane Jergens, Merry Anders, Ida Moore, Rachel Stephens

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Make the office a wonderful place to love in!

Plot: The mysterious man hanging about at the research department of a big TV network proves to be engineer Richard Sumner, who's been ordered to keep his real purpose secret: computerizing the office. Department head Bunny Watson, who knows everything, needs no computer to unmask Richard. The resulting battle of wits and witty dialogue pits Bunny's fear of losing her job against her dawning attraction to Richard.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again?  Maybe.

Cute movie.  Tracy and Hepburn are just magical together.  She's amazing with fast and witty dialogue and he's effortlessly smart and charming.  Now it's not a gut buster like some of their other comedies but there enough laughs to satisfy and it really is a cute movie.  The film has a naive, goofy look at computers but then again this was sixty years ago.  Newsflash!  Joan Blondell needs to have my babies.  You can tell this is based on a play.  It's almost entirely filmed on an office set.  Maybe some variety would spruce it up some but it doesn't matter.  It's the entire cast and dialogue that make this a fun little picture.  The 20th Century Fox DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen and it comes with a few extras with a commentary track with Dina Merrill and John Lee, a one minute portion of a vintage short "Designers Inspired for New Creations By Film Desk Set" and trailers for this film and THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH (both anamorphic widescreen), AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER (non-anamorphic widescreen), ALL ABOUT EVE and THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR (both in their original fullscreen).

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