Monday, February 2, 2015

Wrong Cops (2013)

Director: Quentin Dupieux

Writer: Quentin Dupieux

Composer: Quentin Dupieux

Starring:  Mark Burnham, Eric Judor, Steve Little, Marilyn Manson, Grace Zabriskie, Arden Myrin, Eric Roberts, Eric Wareheim, Daniel Quinn, Izzy Palmieri, Hillary Tuck, Jennifer Blanc, Tim Trobec, Ray Wise

More info: IMDb

Plot: With the crime rate in Los Angeles at record-low levels, bored cops have nothing better to do than act like common criminals.

My rating:  7.5/10

Will I watch it again?  Yes.

2013 was the first year I went to the Sundance Film Festival and I saw A LOT of movies that year. This was not one of them but I wish it had been.  It's pretty damn funny.  It's in the vein of SUPER TROOPERS (2001) but funnier.  The soundtrack is a lot of fun and plays a role on its own.  The cast is hilarious.  There are lots of little plot threads that all resolve in the final twenty minutes to the detriment of some of the characters.  It was a great how the threads wrapped up.  Marilyn Manson has an extended cameo. I didn't recognize him in the least.  Geez.  Oh, the camera zoom ins and outs had me giggling.  Whoever had that idea needs a hearty handshake.  They were brilliantly added at just the right moments.  I can't say enough about the cast.  Mark Burnham and Arden Myrin were tops for my money. 

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