Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Prince Avalanche (2013)

Director: David Gordon Green

Writers: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurosson, David Gordon Green, Sveinn Olafur Gunnarsson

Composers: Explosions in the Sky, David Wingo

Starring: Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, Lance LeGault, Joyce Payne, Gina Grande, Lynn Shelton, Larry Kretschmar, Enoch Moon, David L. Osborne Jr., Danni Wolcott, Morgan Calderoni, Savanna Porter, Juniper Smith

More info: IMDb

Plot: Two highway road workers spend the summer of 1988 away from their city lives. The isolated landscape becomes a place of misadventure as the men find themselves at odds with each other and the women they left behind.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? No,

Here's another picture I missed at Sundance 2013.   It's Rudd & Hirsch's show all the way.  These two make a nice pair.  It's nice seeing Rudd stretching a bit, stepping away from comedy.  I like the guy.  The relationship between Alvin (Rudd) and Lance (Hirsch) does grow (Lance is the little brother of the woman Alvin is dating) into a friendship even if it's just a temporary one until they finish their lonely job.  The dialogue and situations feel pretty genuine.  That's a big plus for the picture as well as the performances.  The score is fine and it works for the film but I couldn't help but be reminded of dozens of scores just like it that you get with other films of this type and the kind of score you see all over the abundance of films at the Sundance Film Festival.  Really.  They're all over the place.  It's one of those low key, feel good stoundtracks that has the equivalent of a warm cup of cocoa.  I don't dislike it but it's the kind of score that's become all too common to the point you don't want to watch too many movies with them too close together or it'll turn you off of hot chocolate for a while.  As a film, it feels much like the score.  It's good but I didn't walk away from it feeling anything more than, "well, that was kind of nice and relaxing."

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