Thursday, February 12, 2015

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

Director: Corey Yuen

Writers: J.F. Lawton, Adam Gross, Seth Gross

Composer: Junkie XL

Starring: Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki, Holly Valance, Sarah Carter, Natassia Malthe, Kane Kosugi, Matthew Marsden, Eric Roberts, Steve Howey, Brian White, Kevin Nash, Collin Chou, Derek Boyer, Silvio Simac, Fang Liu, Ying Wang

More info:  IMDb

Tagline: They have the looks... That KILL

Plot: Four gorgeous women are invited to a remote island to participate in a fighting tournament.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

In the opening minutes of the picture my mouth was agape at how ridiculous it was and how awful the acting and dialogue were.  A few minutes later we're introduced to Tina (Pressly) and it gets even more ridiculous.  That's when I realized that everyone involved with the picture was totally in on the joke and they were having fun with it.  From that point on it was a lot easier to take.  If you can't laugh at it then you should turn it off after ten minutes.  It's over the top, sometimes dumb as shit but it's also kind of fun.  The girl that plays the princess didn't put in a good performance.  It's bad from the start.  Jaime Pressly is great (she's funny as shit on MY NAME IS EARL and any fan of her in that show needs to check this out) and Kevin Nash made for a great team as daughter and father.  Being a big dumb fun movie like this means there's some funny injected and a lot of the jokes work.  The story and the action play out just like you think it would considering this is based on a video game and it works on that level.  It's a lot more enjoyable than you think it'd be and it's better than more than a few big budget action movies I've seen lately.

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