Monday, December 23, 2013

Las Vegas Lady (1975)

Director: Noel Nosseck

Writer: Walter Dallenbach

Composer: Alan Silvestri

Starring: Stella Stevens, Stuart Whitman, George DiCenzo, Lynne Moody, Linda Scruggs, Joseph Della Sorte, Hank Robinson, Karl Lukas, Emilia Dallenbach, Andrew Stevens, Max Starky, Frank Bonner

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Tagline: The most daring Vegas career.

Plot: In Las Vegas, Lucky and two of her girlfriends, Carol and Lisa, plan to steal half a million dollars from the sadistic manager of the Circus Circus Casino. A shadowy man is their contact and organizer. Each of the women could be a weak link in a scheme that has to be flawless: Lucky's boyfriend is a security officer at the casino, Lisa is a trapeze artist who's now plagued with vertigo, and Carol is in debt to a nasty thug. Can the gals pull off the heist, or is the plan, with it's mysterious organizer, too complicated to succeed?

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

Have you noticed Stella Stevens' acting talents?

Isn't she scrummy?  She's about the best reason to watch this, really.  She and the other gals...

It helps that there's a little bit of quality nudity in this picture because it's pretty middle-of-the-road drab.  Not even the heist is exciting.  The drama leading up to it is only serviceable.  I did perk up near the end of the heist when Frank Bonner (Herb Tarlek on WKRP IN CINCINNATI (1978-1982)) shows up in a bit part.

The performances aren't to blame.  All of the players are doing just fine.  It's just a lackluster film who's only crime is not being interesting nor bad enough to be funny.  My family took a couple of big road trips out West in the late 70s and both times Las Vegas was part of the trip so I have some nostalgia for movies filmed in Vegas in the '70s.  That had more interest to me than anything else in the picture but it's not likely to be enough to hold anyone else's. 

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