Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kitten in a Cage (1968)

Director: Richard MacLeod

Writer: ???

Composer: ???

Starring: Miriam Eliot, John Dunham, Tony Warren, June Roberts, Guido Conte, Richard Woods, Jacques Lyon, Charles Stanton, Robert Marshall, Marcia Moreau, Linda Boyce, Inga Daar, Gay Lamour, Genevieve Wilde

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Trapped...she was made to witness! Bound...she was forced to submit! Here, in the cage, they could defile her in any way their perverted minds wished.

Plot: Detailing "the most insane day of Julie's life," the poor girl is pursued by a mysterious stranger in a ski mask who keeps trying to drug her (and who attacks a stripper for... well, no particular reason). Apparently, Julie knows something about something that she really doesn't know anything about, and some very dangerous goons are after her for it.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

This is loaded with gratuitous nudity which has nothing to do with the plot.  Yay!!!

And then there's something about a guy who gets out of jail, drugs this chick with truth serum to get her to tell him where a novelty statue is that contains three incredibly valuable jewels he stole before going into the hoosgow, the pokey, the slammer. 

There's some action near the end but we don't care about that now, do we?  I didn't think so.  All of the dialogue is dubbed since I'm sure they filmed without sound.  It's a cheap production but the ladies look terrific and there's a fun soundtrack that fluctuates between late 60s rock, surf rock and cool jazz.  The only parts that don't drag are those of the stripper numbers.  This is a Something Weird Video DVD double feature with THE GIRL FROM PUSSYCAT (1969).  As with most of their professional releases (they also have hundreds of DVD-Rs of all kinds of stuff), this one comes loaded with excellent extras including lots of similarly themed trailers and vintage shorts including FRIENDLY KITTEN...





I'm about to watch the second feature.  I won't be surprised if it's barely watchable.  At least the extras are great.  They're usually worth the price of the disc all by themselves.  Here kitty, kitty...

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