Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Honey Britches (1971)

AKA: Shantytown Honeymoon
AKA: Demented Death Farm Massacre...The Movie
AKA: The Hillbilly Hooker

Directors: Donn Davison, Fred Olen Ray

Writer: Barbara Morris Davison

Composer: ??? Stock music?

Starring: Ashley Brooks, George Ellis, Trudy Moore, Mike Coolik, Jim Peck, Pepper Thurston, Valarie Lipsey, R. Kenneth Wade, Frank Jones, Alan Davis, Ben Ennis, Chris Christ, John Carradine

More info: IMDb

Tagline: More Jiggles Than You'll Ever See on T.V.!

Plot: A gang of four thieves, having stolen over a million dollars worth of gems, are driving through the remote hill roads of the Carolinas when their jeep runs out of gas. A local moonshiner and his wife offer the strangers a place to stay until they can get help, but the thieves soon take advantage of their hosts. Both the moonshiner's young wife and his supposed hidden fortune prove to be irresistible temptations for the fugitives, but will their greed and jealousy prove to be their downfall?

My rating: 3/10

Will I watch it again? Shucks, no!

I realized that I haven't been watching much exploitation trash lately so when I made my usual stop over at www.grindhousedatabase.com and clicked on 'hixploitation', finding a title called, HONEY BRITCHES, well...I just had to.  Like a baby loves crack and a fat kid loves cake.  I had to.  Now I wish I hadn't.  It's bad and not in that good kind of bad.  The dialogue is retarded, the acting is worse and the story has overtones of FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! (1965) as far as the criminal element wanting the suspected old man's money.  This is horrendous.  It's an insult to us Southerners everywhere (it sounds better if you read this with a thick Southern accent).  Is it sleazy?  Barely.  This is the extent of it...

The story goes that in 1986 Fred Olen Ray bought this and sold it to Troma after he inserted a few minutes of John Carradine moralizing on camera from time to time.  I guess that way he can add his name to the director's credits.  That's all he did.  And then they renamed it, DEMENTED DEATH FARM MASSACRE...THE MOVIE.  That's you make a bad movie even worse, you hand it over to Troma.

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