Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cosmic Slop (1994)

Directors: Reginald Hudlin, Warrington Hudlin & Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Starring: George Clinton, Robert Guillaume, Casey Kasem, Edward Edwards, Efrain Fiqueroa, Brock Peters, Chi McBride, Paula Jai Parker

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Tagline: Beyond the reality you know is a reality you may not want to face.

Plot: In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, this bizarre, thought-provoking trilogy addresses the destiny of the world's minorities: Part I: A conservative black politician must choose between his people's survival and appeasing his white colleagues when space aliens propose to share their profound knowledge in exchange for all black people on earth. Part II: The Virgin Mary's appearance in an inner-city housing project forces a Hispanic priest to face the hidden cultural origins of Western religion. Part III: On the dawn of the "Black Revolution," an black couple discovers who the "real" enemy is.


My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? I could, skipping the middle segment.

It ended up being a night of anthologies at the Scorethefilm house and I remembered someone recently recommended this obscure flick.  This anthology is unlike I've ever seen.  It's fantastical but more grounded in reality and dealing with deeper, important issues.  George Clinton is our host and he's outta sight!

THE SPACE TRADERS - Holy shit! The more I see of Robert Guillome the more I can't believe this guy isn't one of America's top working actors working in A-list projects.  He's amazing.  This story is very well handled to the point I was emotionally wrapped up in it. There's a scene where the black newscaster is reporting the results of the nationwide vote whether or not to let the aliens take every black U.S. citizen in exchange for fixing all of our major problems.  His delivery made my chest sink.  It was expertly handled until the last shot.  Wow.

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT - I don't believe in superstition, gods, etc so this next tale didn't do doodly squat for me.  For the most part I was bored.  I guess being Catholic helps elevate this segment to something more than what I saw.  It's not that I'm not capable of caring or getting involved in a religious story, it's just this one didn't hold my attention.

TANG - DAMN!  Between this story and the first, SLOP is one hell of a show!  There are only two actors in this final story (Paula Jai Parker & Chi McBride) and they act their asses off.  The tension builds until the final shot - literally.  In a way it gives you multiple scenarios on how it plays out depending on who you're rooting for or how you'd like to see it go down.  What a great story.

I highly recommend seeking this one out.  I have no idea if it's out on DVD, on Netflix instant, or anywhere.  The search will be worth the wait.  Shitlocks, I love the movies.

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