Friday, September 2, 2016

Zombie A-Hole (2012)

Director: Dustin Mills

Writer: Dustin Mills

Composer: Jared Kaelber

Starring: Elizabeth Aweiker, Melissa Blair, Jessica Daniels, Josh Eal, Fuckin' Betty Fhite, Eugene Flynn, Elysia S. Gipson, Melissa Miels, Dustin Mills, Brandon Salkil, Harper St. Clare, Lindsey Vesperry

More info: IMDb

Tagline: Unstoppable... Unrelenting... Undead

Plot: This is the story of a religious cowboy, a lost soul, and a beautiful one-eyed grease monkey fixing to exact bloody vengeance on the same undead S.O.B. He's a low-down, dirty, disgusting, depraved, sadistic, psychotic, hell-bent, grade F, Zombie A-Hole who preys on naked twin girls. He ain't gonna know what hit him!

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again? Nah.

Right out of the box we've got a naked broad being chased by a maniac in the woods.  Great start.  But then you check the time and the movie's nearly two hours long.  That's a sign of trouble for a low budget horror movie.  Low budget brings with it acting that's all over the place but that's expected.  The puppetry is neat and so is the small snippet of animation.  I wish the guy who played the lead, Josh Eal as Frank, had more charisma.  For what this is, he's got moments where he's got some good line delivery but he's often monotone and that's not good.  More on the plus side, there's some gratuitous nudity (yay!) and the picture doesn't feel like it's almost two hours long.  Something must've gone right.  The ending didn't make up for much.  The filmmakers clearly want you to think of this as a grindhouse picture by the total use of dirty-ing up the film (which probably helps in places).  The title is great and the poster is fantastic but they add to the grindhouse nature of not delivering what they promise (I guess you could say the zombie is an asshole but aren't all of them?)  It probably sounds like I'm lambasting the flick but it's got some neat things in it and it's better than a lot of low budget horror flicks.  And I've seen some real stinkers.  Considering this is only the second film from writer/director Mills, his first being the very fun THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE (2010), I'll continue to check out his work and see if things get better.

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