Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Assassination (1987)

Director: Peter R. Hunt

Writer: Richard Sale

Composers: Valentine McCallum, Robert O. Ragland

Starring: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Stephen Elliott, Jan Gan Boyd, Randy Brooks, Erik Stern, Michael Ansara, James Staley, kathryn Leigh Scott, James Acheson, Jim McMullan

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Tagline: They were reluctant running mates . . . in a race for their lives!

Plot: Jay Killion (Bronson) had been the presidential bodyguard, but for the inauguration of the recently elected president, he is assigned to the first lady, Lara Royce (Ireland). Lara, a perpetually indignant, arrogantly feminist lady, initially hates the methodical and rules-following Killion, and so she does all she can to avoid him and disregard his safety procedures. The story complicates, however, when repeated attempts are made on Lara's life. Eventually, the shaken Lara decides to trust Killion's instincts and precautionary methods, and the pair embark on a difficult and often perilous cross-country journey, with the assassins close on their heels.

My rating: 6/10

Will I watch it again? Probably not.  Sigh.

#77 on Project: Badass Charles Bronson

LEVEL OF BADASSICITY (10 being the highest): 8

Any man who can kick holy ass while protecting a total bitch all in the name of duty for his country has got more strength than I can muster up.  I'm shocked he didn't turn one of his guns on her.  The First Lady is played by Bronson's real wife, Jill Ireland.  The thing is, it's their last picture together and she was already battling cancer so it's kind of like a last hurrah for the pair.  If you look at it like that, this is a much easier picture to swallow.  As an action movie, it's dumb, but it's a Bronson flick so you've got that going for it.  I read a review that said he was sleepwalking.  That's bullshit.  He's doing a fine job and that's more than what a lot of people at his age would've done.  I've seen some phoned in, I'm in it for the paycheck performances and this isn't one of them.  He's charming and he kills the bad guys.  The chick that played his partner, Charlie (Jan Gan Boyd), is terrible and so is the music score.  It's horrendous.  Ireland has moments of bad acting, too, but I'm not going to say much about her.  Chuck will come back from the grave and kick my ass.  I don't know...getting my ass handed to me by THE Charles Bronson is something I'd wear like a badge of honor.  Anyway, this is the last feature Peter Hunt directed and his second with Bronson (DEATH HUNT (1981) is amazing).  It's a sad farewell but he made a couple of great pictures.  Fans of dumb action and/or Bronson might dig it but lower your expectations...and this is from a huge Bronson fan. 

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