Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tight Spot (1955)

Director: Phil Karlson

Writers: William Bowers, Leonard Kantor

Composer: George Duning

Starring: Ginger Rogers, Edward G. Robinson, Brian Keith, Lucy Marlow, Lorne Greene, Katherine Anderson, Allen Nourse, Peter Leeds, Doye O'Dell, Eve McVeagh

More info: IMDb

Tagline: SHE: "Is that blood?" HE: "I took two bullets through the chest, ma'am. Just routine."

Plot: A female inmate is whisked out of prison and into a police guarded hotel until the D.A. can convince her to testify against the mob in the upcoming trial.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  Yes.

Holy shit, what a movie!  I'm very impressed with Ginger Rogers.  It's a role I've never seen her come close to.  She's dynamite!  Brien Keith is fantastic and so is one of my top favorites, Edward G. Robinson.  There's a scene early on where he confronts the bad guy's lawyer and he lets him have it and good.  I've never seen Robinson with so much fire in his belly.  He's ferocious and it's marvelous.  This has got some outstanding dialogue.  It's more than just a few words here and there, it often runs from scene to scene.  The story takes us on a few turns, too.  I very much liked the surprises.  And how about that young Lorne Greene, Admiral Adama himself?  He's barely in it but he makes the most of what he has as the mobster that's in Robinson's crosshairs.  The music's great, too.  I'm really impressed as if that weren't obvious.  Man, just check out these lines...

...and any movie with Mississippi Mac is A-OK with me!

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