Thursday, February 4, 2016

Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (2006)

Director: Stephen Kijak

Composer: Scott Walker

Starring: Scott Walker, Damon Albarn, Dot Allison, Marc Almond, David Bates, Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, Ed Bicknell, David Bowie, Al Clark, Jarvis Cocker, Cathal Coughlan, Rob Ellis, Brian Eno, Gavin Friday, Brian Gascoigne, Alison Goldfrapp, COlin Greenwood, Johnny Greenwood, Richard Hawley, Sara Kestelman, Ute Lemper, Lulu, Dave MacRae, Johnny Marr, Angela Morley, Ed O'Brien, Peter Olliff, Evan Parker, Simon Raymonde, Philiop Sheppard, Sting, Peter Walsh, Hector Zazou

More info: IMDb

Tagline: The long-awaited film about the most influential and enigmatic figure in rock history.

Plot: Scott Walker: 30 Century Man is a rare glimpse into the creative world of the most enigmatic figure in rock history, and will trace the undeniable impact he has had on popular music through casual interviews with some of his biggest, highest profile fans. We explore his fascinating trajectory, from jobbing bass player on LA's Sunset Strip, to his domination of the British pop scene that began in the swinging summer of 1965, to his transformation into a composer of true genius; an uncompromising and serious musician working at the peak of his powers. At age 63, over the course of 2005, he went into the studio again, working on what could be his greatest artistic statement yet - and we were invited to document part of this process - a privilege no filmmaker has ever been granted.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  Maybe, but I'll definitely check out this guy's records.

For the first few minutes I thought that maybe this guy didn't exist and that I was watching a mocumentary but taken more seriously.  It didn't take long before I realized this guy is for real.   He's got an unusual singing style that's just wild.  At first I wasn't digging it but then it started growing on me and before I knew it I was really into this guy's music.  I was completely sold when it came to his solo output in the late 60s and even more so the more records he made.  Now I'm really hooked and I'm thrilled that I saw this film AND that Walker isn't so reclusive that he wouldn't have participated.  I can't stand it when artists refuse to discuss their work and career.  This guy is cool.  I want this cat's entire catalog. This picture has lots of interviews with people in the music industry as well as the bulk of the film with Walker.  Naturally his music is everywhere and it's wild.  Before this film I'd never heard of him. The Oscilloscope DVD has a few extras including extended interviews with 12 people including Walker (57 minutes), 2 extended bits from Walker's recording of his 2006 album (16 minutes), 9 minutes with the guy who has an AMAZING collection of Scott Walker (and the Walker Brothers) memorabilia (9 minutes) and trailers for 12 Oscilloscope pictures, including this one.

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