Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Last Nazis (2009)

Directors: Dov Freedman, Charlie Russell, James Cohen

Composer: Richard Mead

Starring: Efraim Zuroff, David Morrissey

More info: IMDb

Plot:  This 3-part series examines the hunt for Nazi war criminals still at large and the children of a Nazi master race program called Lebensborn.

My rating: 6/10 (overall for the series)

Will I watch it again?  No.

There are three episodes that cover unrelated stories except that they have ties to Nazis and I guess you could say that the Lebensborn/Children of the Master Race episode fits in because the subjects were created by the Nazi state but I call it a cheat because they are not Nazis but innocent victims of the movement.  That episode is well made, informative and emotional and easily deserves a 8/10.  The rest don't fare nearly as well.  I was rather put off by the Most Wanted episode.  The smugness of the narrator, not to mention the bully-ish nature of the film crew and impatience get in the way of a better told story.  I'm guessing it's the young age of the filmmakers (that we see at least).  It doesn't help their case when painting these very old subjects as heinous war criminals.  Should they be punished? Absolutely but the style of filmmaking here leaves much to be desired.  And the end is anti climactic.  Overall, it's disappointing.  In the Hunt for Dr. Death, it gets a little better but Zuroff overplays it for the camera.  There was too much of him where that time could have been spent on the hunt for Heim or even more of Heim's background.  LIke Most Wanted, the ending is anti climactic which is only partially the fault of those making it for reasons I won't spoil.  In the case of both of these episodes, there is an initial almost promise of something big in store but it's never delivered.  It's currently on Netflix streaming and you're only looking at three hours for all three but I really on recommend Children of the Master Race as it's the best made and most interesting of the lot by a considerable margin.  You can see that episode below.

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