Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shots in 3/4 Time (1965)

Original title: Schusse im 3/4 Takt

Director: Alfred Weidenmann

Writers: Ludmilla Kirsch, Herbert Reinecker

Composer: Charly Niessen

Starring: Pierre Brice, Heinz Drache, Daliah Lavi, Jana Brejchova, Charles Regnier, Walter Giller, Terence Hill, Gustav Knuth, ANton Diffring, Senta Berger, Daniel Sola, Walter Regelsberger, Hans Unterkircher, Karl Zarda, Erica Vaal, Paola PItagora

More info: IMDb

Plot: Tissot (Brice) is French secret agent No. 11011 in this James Bond-style spy thriller. He is sent on a mission to retrieve stolen plans for a newly developed steering mechanism for rockets.

My rating:  4.5/10

Will I watch it again? No.

I'm a huge pre-Brosnan Bond fan and I'm more in love with the idea of 60s EuroSpy movies than the films themselves.  This becomes more apparent the more of them I see (and I've got a lot more to go).  It's hard to judge acting sometimes when you're watching a dub.  Sometimes the line deliveries are strange, especially from whoever dubbed Brice.  It's no secret that these leading men are trying to be Sean Connery and there's only one of him.  The locations are nice for us here in the States that have never been to Europe but some of it is hindered by the fullscreen VHS copy I watched (with Dutch subs burned in to boot).  Did you see that video above of the opening credits?  The first couple of gunshots are cute but then it quickly slides into annoying.  Fortunately that effect isn't used anywhere else in the picture and unfortunately that theme is played ad nauseam.  It's a good theme but not so good that you can stand hearing it 20 or more times in 79 minutes.  As the story goes, it's OK and it serves its intended purpose of getting our hero from one place to another but it's as bland as everything else.  Seeing this in a theater with a proper print would help but it's certainly no cure. 

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