Saturday, August 27, 2016

Gone in 60 Seconds 2 (1989)

Director: H.B. Halicki

Writer: H.B. Halicki

Starring: H.B. Halicki

More info: H.B. Halicki Wiki

Plot:  A man hijacks a semi and leads hundreds of cops on a destructive chase.

My rating: 7/10

Will I watch it again?  Maybe (I've already seen it twice).

Since this is footage put together from a movie that was never finished, you just have to watch this as one long 30-minute car chase.  It's a good one.  There are times when you have to kick in your suspension of disbelief (like when the semi plows into 20 or more parked cars and doesn't slow down one bit) but that's not too much to ask I guess.  Halicki was a stunt master like no other when it came to cars.  His GONE IN 60 SECONDS (1974) is a masterpiece in car chases (don't watch the widescreen version where his widow replaced the songs and score with crap and also changed the original car sounds - you're better off with the original fullscreen VHS version).  He was in the middle of shooting this film when an unexpected accident took his life.  The chase is fun and Halecki and pals crash a shitload of cars and motorcycles.  That goes on for about twenty minutes when he switches vehicles and takes The Slicer out for a spin.  At first it's ridiculous and goofy looking but that only lasts a few seconds until you get to see what it's capable of.  Then it's pure badass.  Fans of car stunts shouldn't pass this one up.  It's not polished but don't let the low budget get you down.  Halecki tears some shit up and there are lots of get stunts that shouldn't go un-noticed.

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