Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Atomic Brain Invasion (2010)

Director: Richard Griffin

Writers: Richard Griffin, Guy Benoit

Composer: Daniel Hildreth

Starring: David Lavallee Jr., Sarah Nicklin, Michael Reed, Daniel Lee White, Colin Carlton, Ruth Mahla Sullivan, Alexandra Cipolla, Alexander Lewis, Rich Tretheway, Brandon Luis Aponte

More info: IMDb

Tagline:  The Dream of the Atom Unleashes A Nightmare from Outer Space!

Plot:  A bunch of misfit high-schoolers must band together to stop an army of brain creatures from outer space that intend to kidnap Elvis Presley when he performs in a small New England town.

My rating: 5.5/10

Will I watch it again?  Does anyone want to buy my DVD?

I think I'm done with Richard Griffin's movies.  The first one I saw was NUN OF THAT (2009) and I absolutely loved it, so much that I immediately bought several of his films (and he's prolific).  Sadly, non of them come close to the genius of that film.  They're not even in the same ballpark.  This might be the last of his movies I have and it might be the last I see.  You can tell everyone involved had good intentions and they try really hard to make it work but it's dull and nearly all of the jokes fall flat.  I did laugh a couple of times but that's hardly enough to make this picture enough to recommend.  Griffin has what it takes to make better movies.  He's shown that he's not going to give you stationary camera shots but it's other little things like better sound when it comes to dialogue.  I'm not knowledgable about fixing that but you can tell by listening.  You can easily dismiss comments like this because I'm not making movies and I don't have first-hand experience but I think I have some valid points.  If I were inside the Griffin machine and actively making films alongside him, I might have a different view.   But I'm not and my only perspective is from in front of my screen.  I'll love Griffin all day long for NUN OF THAT but I can't keep watching his pictures hoping for another great film.  The Camp Motion Pictures DVD gives you the film in anamorphic widescreen.  The only extras are a commentary track and five trailers (none for this film).

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