Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey (2000)

Director: John Little

Writers: Bey Logan, John Logan

Composer: Wayne Hawkins

Starring: Bruce Lee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Doug Copsey, (the rest are from archive footage) James Coburn, James Franciscus, George Lazenby, Mako, Chuck Norris, John Saxon, Carroll O'Connor

More info: IMDb

Plot: Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee is the subject of this thoughtful documentary by Lee aficionado John Little. Using interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and action sequences from Lee's last (unfinished) film, Game of Death, Little paints a textured, complex portrait of the world's most famous action hero.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again?  Maybe.

I've seen this twice now.  It's that good.  If you're only just a casual fan, this documentary has a lot to offer.  I know what you're sayin'..."But, hey!  What if I'm a huge fan already?".  You're in luck because there is an extensive amount of vintage photographs, audio and video of the man, many of which are of his training, teaching and fighting, the later is amazing.  The best part about it is getting the lowdown on his last, unfinished picture, THE GAME OF DEATH and being walked through the process and how the existing footage fits into the story.  But it's the footage itself that's worth the price of admission.  Lee was a remarkable talent and it's a shame that his world wide fame had only just begun when he died.  Had he lived he would have owned the 1970s.  He was off to a great start.  There was so much more to Lee than the chop socky flicks of the early 70s and this film goes to great lengths to point that out and they did a fine job with it.

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