Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ups and Downs (1937)

Director: Roy Mack

Writers: Jack Henley, Cyrus Wood

Composers: Saul Chaplin, Sammy Cahn

Starring: Hal Le Roy, June Allyson, Toni Lane, The Deauville Boys, Fred Hillebrand, Phil Silvers, Reed Brown Jr., Alexander Campbell

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Plot: June Daily, daughter of stockbroker J. C. Daily, is engaged to father's assistant Richard Burton, but is enamored of tap-dancing elevator operator Hal Smith. J.C. has a hot tip on stock for the Upsadaisy Elevator Company. When Richard goes out of town, June invites Hal to dinner with J.C. J.C. is no snob, and seizes the opportunity to ask an "expert" about Upsadaisy Elevators. Hal gives them a ringing endorsement, and J.C. buys all the stock he can get. When Richard learns this, he breaks his engagement to June, thinking J.C. has gone broke. But the stock flourishes, and J.C. introduces Hal as his new partner and future son-in-law.

My rating: 6.5/10

Will I watch it again?  Probably not.

Man, can that Hal Le Roy dance!  Watching those feet move so effortlessly is an absolute joy.  His singing didn't match that talent but who cares?  Hell, it's worth watching if only to see a 26 year old Phil Silvers in his first silver screen appearance.  The story about stocks and elevators is OK but it's only their to hang some song and dance routines on with a little bit of light comedy.  This short is one of the few extras on the Warner Bros. DVD for STAGE DOOR (1937), an excellent film on its own.

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