Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday (1976)

Director: Don Taylor

Starring: Lee Marvin, Oliver Reed, Robert Culp, Elizabeth Ashley, Strother Martin, Sylvia Miles, Kay Lenz

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Tagline: They Weren't Forgotten By History...They Were Left Out On Purpose!

Plot: Sam Longwood, a frontiersman who has seen better days, spies the gold-mine partner, Jack Colby, who ran off with all the gold from a mine they were prospecting fifteen years earlier. He tells his other partners from that time, Joe Knox and Billy, and they confront Colby demanding not only the thousand dollars he took but an addition fifty-nine thousand for their trouble. After being thwarted in this attempt, they, and a would-be whore named Thursday, hatch a plan to kidnap Colby's wife, Nancy Sue, who is coincidentally Sam's old flame, but find that Nancy Sue is not the sweet girl that Sam remembers.

My rating: 5/10

Will I watch it again? Aw, hell, no.

Wow.  How embarrassing.  Lee Marvin doesn't fare nearly as badly as Oliver Reed, complete in red face as a half breed.  Boy is he over-acting.  Woof.  Robert Culp retains his dignity, though. Strother Martin makes for a fun old coot and Elizabeth Ashley has a mouth on her you wouldn't believe. She's hilarious. John Cameron's silly, hokey score just adds to the agony. The foley is even weak.  There's a spot where somebody falls in a decent sized body of water and it literally sounds like someone's hand splashing in a sink!  I don't have any issue with the story but there are so many things that detract overall that I can't recommend this although if someone told me not to watch it I'd still do it because of the cast alone.  Lower your expectations.

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