Thursday, April 7, 2011

Evil Roy Slade (1972)

Director: Jerry Paris

Starring: John Astin, Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Pamela Austin, Henry Gibson, Dom DeLuise, Edie Adams, Milton Berle, Pat Buttram, Pat Morita, Ed Begley Jr, Penny Marshall, Billy Curtis

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Tagline: He's the Most Wanted and the Most Hilarious Outlaw in the West.

Plot: The meanest villain in the West falls for a pretty schoolteacher and tries to change his ways, but a determined (and egomaniacal) singing sheriff is out to capture him.

My rating: 8/10

Will I watch it again? Sure as shootin'!

Goddamn this is funny! It's been a few years since I first saw this and it hasn't lost anything. The closest thing I can compare it to is BLAZING SADDLES (1974) but made before BS. The slapstick, silly humor is outrageous. There are a ton of gags and they're thrown out fast and furious. It's like the comedian Henny Youngman, the king of the one-liners. He wouldn't stop with the jokes - not all of them were zingers but he'd just keep going and it wasn't long before you were howling with laughter.

I've always adored John Astin. I grew up watching THE ADDAMS FAMILY reruns in the 70s (which, BTW, is WAY better than THE MUNSTERS) and he just cracks me up. Like Bill Murray, he's one of that very few that make me laugh just by looking at him. Dick Shawn's another one. Damn, that man is hilarious! If you like BLAZING SADDLES, you'll probably dig SLADE. It's goofy as hell and it makes me laugh like a little kid.

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